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The Roger Taylor Award 2015

Emeritus Professor Roger Taylor (1935-2006)

The British Carbon Group is pleased to announce The Roger Taylor 2015 Award in memory of the distinguished scientist Professor Roger Taylor (1935 – 2006), Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at the University of Sussex.  During his career, he published 350 scientific papers and six books and made a significant contribution to the high international reputation of chemistry at Sussex and was the winner of the RSC Josef Loschmidt prize in 2002. With the discovery of C60 and the other fullerenes, he was known for research related to the preparation and characterization of novel derivatives of fullerenes, especially those having fluorine, hydrogen, alkyl and aryl group addends; and time and again producing novel structures such as the holey fullerenes, saturnene, triumphene, functionalized dimers and the fullerene trannulenes.

The award is intended as a travel grant for students and early career researchers with up to ten years postdoctoral experience to attend an important international meeting for the advancement of fullerene and related science such as the functionalisation of carbon materials such as CNT and graphene.  As Professor Taylor was a keen participant, preference will be given to a scientist to attend and present at the series of biennial conferences organized by Professor Vul and colleagues in St Petersburg, formerly known as IWFAC (International Workshop on Fullerenes and Atomic Clusters), now operating as "Advanced Carbon Nanostructures" organized by the Ioffe Institute ( or a meeting organized by the Electrochemical Society (

The Roger Taylor Award is generously funded by the Taylor family as an endowment to the British Carbon Group and it is intended to make one award per year with a bursary of £750.  The applicant must state which conference they wish to attend and anyone living or working, at the time of the conference, in the country where the conference is held is not eligible.  The Award is international and consequently is open to scientists living and working in any country and of any nationality.

The award is made upon the basis of an appraisal of THREE documents: (1) the extended abstract or paper as submitted to the conference (only one paper is permitted for the purposes of the award), (2) a short CV (with the date of the award of PhD if applicable) and (3) a commentary provided normally by the candidate's supervisor or close colleague.  Self-nomination is not permitted.  The Award Committee of the British Carbon Group will determine the successful applicant.

The closing date for applications will strictly be 4pm BST, 1st May each year.  No submissions after this time / date will be accepted.

Previous applicants are welcome to re-apply.

The award is currently seven hundred and fifty pounds sterling (£750) and is presented at the time of the conference with a certificate.  It is a condition of the award that the winner attends the conference and presents his or her paper either orally or as a poster.

Applications may be transferred electronically to the Chairman of The British Carbon Group, Prof. Malcolm Heggie, at or, exceptionally, mailed to him at the following address:
Prof. Malcolm Heggie,
Chairman, The British Carbon Group,
Department of Chemistry,
University of Surrey
Stag Hill, Guildford,
Surrey GU2 7XH
United Kingdom.

The British Carbon Group (registered charity 207890) is affiliated to The Royal Society of Chemistry, The Institute of Physics and The Society of Chemical Industry.